Wanying Art Museum, a private non-profit public welfare art institution affiliated to Hebei Wan Ying Group,is situated in the top floor of Finance Library International Business Center, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China. 
Today, as we embrace great development in the context of globalization, frequent exchange of information, and higher attention to culture, Wanying Art Museum has striven since its establishment to cultivate itself into a comprehensive art institution integrating exhibition, academic exchange, fine arts education, artistic appreciation and collection. We have paid close attention to the development of Chinese contemporary art, progress in original art and design, and embodiment of local culture in the art, so as to build an aesthetic exchange platform to bring about touching artistic appreciation to audiences, and make it on intimate terms with audiences. Through launching in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign excellent artists in exhibition, it has developed dialogues on art in the fields of art research, education promotion, and regional cooperation. Wanying Art Museum is an “open, free and contemporary” field for exhibitions. It wishes to enjoy the rich, experimental and pioneering art in various perspectives with audiences.