Wanying Art Museum, with a gross building area of 2,500 square meters, comprises such facilities as the skylight exhibition hall, cloud top workshop, academic exchange center, high-rise court, Zen tea space and wine and cigar bars. The building is designed under international art concepts. The great hall, in characteristic sailing boat modeling, signifies the corporate spirit of setting sail dauntlessly. The high-rise court adopts the distinct panoramic sunroof design, making people as if placing themselves in the clouds. The Skylight Exhibition Hall, in U-shaped design, may tactfully incorporate and transform lamplights and natural light. The Cloud Top Workshop at the top of the building is designed simple, in good taste, providing artists ideal creation environment and atmosphere with sufficient lighting and visions. The Zen tea space and wine and cigar bars give visitors more entertainment and relaxation in addition to experiencing the art. 
Wanying Art Museum is committed to building a culture and art highland with distinct regional characteristics in Shijiazhuang, and constantly promote art industry development and art exchanges across the country, especially in the region. Meanwhile, it is to construct itself into the first private art space and a new start to be geared to international standards in the provincial capital.