Opening Reception / 29 June , 2019
Duration / 29 June,2019 —— 12 September,2019


If we think about it, we’ll be pleased to see that we have been acquainted with Wanying Young Dreams for four years. In this period, Wanying Art Museum hasdeveloped from a home of young artists in Hebei Province to a national annual discovery project of young artists at home and abroad. We are pleased to see that the number of contributions has increased significantly, which show infinite possibilities in the content and language of art. The young artists are increasingly not limited to the conventional forms and means of creation, and their artistic language is becoming more mature, open, experimental and idealistic.
Since the 21st century, the social changes dominated by globalization, informatization, networking and sharing have made young people more active than ever in thoughts. Wanying Young Dreams, a promotion platform for young artists, has recorded the exploration and practice tracks of this generation of young artists in the field of contemporary art. While paying attention to the present, they are also exploring and imagining the future.
In the previous sessions of Wanying Young Dreams, we successively launched strategic cooperation with such active art platforms in the country as Beijing Poly·Art Up, Art Nova 100, Annual Review of China Contemporary Ink Painting, and Hi21 Young Art Fair, selecting excellent works of nearly 60 young artists. We hope that Wanying Young Dreams will become an important link between the public and the art, so that the public and Wanying can together find the artistic ideas and expressions of young artists from different regions and with different cultural backgrounds.
Wanying Young Dreams 2019 will remain committed to providing more young artists with opportunities to enter the horizon of the public, let more and more domestic art institutions, museums and art galleries to keep an eye on the new generation of young artists through this project, issue invitations for cooperation, and effectively create an academic platform to realize the dream of art. In the future, Wanying Young Dreams, as a witness, will continue to grow together with young artists today and record their overall looks. Through the platform of Wanying Art Museum, we will pay close attention to the survival situation and development status of young artists, and encourage them to stick to their own artistic path.


Chi Shilin/Cai Xingyang/Gao Wenqian/Guan Ziyin/Jiang Shangyue/Luo Kai/Pang Feng/Shi Wenhui/Tang Yang/Yuan Song/Yuan Xutong/Yu Yin/Zheng Jiayan/Zhang Lunlun/Zhang Xiaoyue/Zhuang Yuan/Zhang Zhihui/Zhang Zhiyuan