Opening Reception / 30 June , 2018
Duration / 30 June,2018 —— 31 August,2017


In 2018, Wanying Young Dreams has entered the third year. Over the past three years, through this young art discovery project, we have been continuously paying attention to the individual growth and collective appearance of young artists. We are also pleased to see that when the number of participants has increased significantly, the artists' creative ideas have become more unconstrained and the form language of the works is also more diversified at the same time. Through the study on the multiple possibilities, they incorporate their own ideas into the creations, and positively think and respond to the material and spiritual transformation formed along with the change of the times, which have presented the group characteristics of young artists in an era.

From the context of contemporary art development, the value of art is no longer limited to the gaining of techniques, but how to face and think about the complicated relationship between tradition and contemporary, contradiction and confrontation, self-development and social alternation, and give people new enlightenment through the artist's unique observation perspective and cognitive dimension. Along with the great change of the times, the artificial intelligence, big data and other technological revolutions that have subverted the traditional way of life, as well as the convenience, efficiency and sharing society brought by modernization transformation, Chinese young artists, as the practitioners and future pioneers of art, will inevitably feel hesitated and confused, and they may also suffer from the pressure of the broad environment, the fierce industrial competition, the realistic problem of survival and the limitation of the creative environment, which are the big tests on their way forward. In the face of these difficulties and challenges, they use the unique way of the younger generation to think about the problems behind the anxiety phenomenon, which leads to more reflections on cultural values and social relations. Because of the diversity of the Chinese cultural dimensions, so there is plenty of room for unpredictability and experimentation. As the mainstay of the contemporary art development, young artists shall keep trying various art performance media materials, break the boundary between the natural attribute and social attribute, and interpret the advantages and disadvantages brought by modern civilization in the mode of internal analysis and external reflection.

Youth is the eternal theme of the development of times, Wanying Young Dreams hopes to let more people pay attention to the growth of young artists with the aid of the platform of art gallery, the influence of expert evaluation and the penetration of art media so as to form a sustainable mechanism to help young people discover and develop art. Each session of Wanying Young Dreams has different art institutions to cooperate for promoting the projects. In the future, a nationwide tour exhibition is planned to hold so as to guide the public to have an objective understanding and evaluation of the younger generation in contemporary art. As a young private art museum, Wanying Art Space insists on growing together with artists. It gives full play to the advantages of the gallery platform and related resources to recommend artists as well as encourage young artists to make their own voices heard, and the cultural commonalities of this era is explored from the diverse personality traits, which has turned the contemporary art works into the spiritual wealth of social value.


Dong Jing / Hou Xiaohui / Jiang Feiran / Ma ke / Ma Yibai / Meng Xiang / Qiao Xiangwei / Shao Fengtian / Sun Li / Sun Meng / Sun Yitian / Sun Yu / Wang Xueshu / Ye Jiang / Zhang Shan / Zhao Hanyu