Negative Positive
Curator / Feng Boyi
Opening Reception / 31 March , 2018
Duration / 23 June,2018 —— 31 March,2018


Photography was once called “the art of capturing souls”, because people didn’t have a clue how anything could be transported onto a sheet of paper through the use of a mechanical contraption. Hence, it must have been that the soul had wandered off and needed to be caught. Now that contemporary photography is embodied by handy cellphones and nifty, light-weight mirrorless cameras, people revel in taking pictures and being photographed. On a global scale, mankind is able to produce tens of billions of photographs annually. But such glut of photographs hasn’t altered our daily lives yet. Our days of wandering are far from over, as we’ve become eternal strangers. In the eye of the beholder, the facts we dream up are always out of reach. More so, when the artist’s creative work translates into photographic images, which get showcased in a public space, people only see a snippet, i.e. the vestiges of a cemented time and expression. Since living a significant yet infinitesimal life is far from being that simple, all we can do is wield the camera and catch those fragments that are in plain sight, because all substantial things have already vanished into thin air: everything breaks, everything turns to ashes!


Cai Dongdong / Chen Xiaoyun / Chen Wei / Fan Xi / Feng Li / Liu Jin / Wang Ningde / Wang Yishu