This is Not a Football Game
Curator Song Dong Opening Reception 3:00pm,01.19.2019 Opening Ceremony 4:00pm,01.19.2019


Football is known to all as the first sport in the world. This charming sports activity could make the blood boil in the hearts of hundreds of millions of audience and shout in chorus. It is charming not just because it is a sport. Whether you are a fan or not, you will be caught up in the game unwittingly. During the 2018 World Cup finals, we had personal experience of the passion for football around us. For me, who has never been a football fan, and it has turned vague long ago who the champion was, I could still remember the heroic Croatian team and the umbrella that was held up at the awards ceremony in the heavy rain. I have been constructing the relationship between life and art under the concept of "boundlessness". This time, inspired by the famous painting of Rene Magritte, This Is Not a Pipe, I have planned and organized an art project at Wanying Art Museum, This is Not a Football Game. It is to construct a bridge between "re-recognizing" and "re-thinking", following the lingering passion for football. We take "football" as a platform to discuss the relations among people, society and life. This is a platform with art as a form, to bring different people together in one place for thinking and understanding, by virtue of football, a sport of the whole people. It has gone beyond the limits of football itself to rethink the world we live in and the circumstances we find around ourselves. We build up a bridge between rules and anti-rules, allowing more people to participate in the discussion. I have invited people of different identities to participate in the exhibition. Zhang Qing and Li Bo are artists. Zhang Wuyi is a collector. The participants also include art students from the Department of Fine Arts in Hebei Normal University and the Wanying art team in Shijiazhuang. We display the works in "boundless" space. Each work is presented as an independent entity, while they are interconnected in multiple ways. The entire exhibition is a platform for constant exchanges. It can also be said that "This is not an Exhibition." Questioning and reflection are the sources of creation. We hope that the public keep the perspective of "This is not XX", and look at the world in another way, and the world will change.


Zhang Qing / Li Bo / Zhang Wuyi / Team Of Hebei Normal University-College Of Art And Design / Team Of Wanying Art Museum